artist statement

Thomas Paul takes subjects for his pictures from what he has experienced, seen, read, from impressions of journeys and encounters. Greece plays an important role, his summer atelier is located in the south of the country. Greece and its history, its landscapes, its language, its poetry and music, and its people are an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration for him. He is also inspired by the culture of Asia, in particular by calligraphy, and his pre-occupation with the Japanese Zen culture is important for his art. Thomas Paul’s works are oriented towards seasonal themes and are divided into groups for exhibitions and publications.
The various groups of works have different styles of painting, depending on the relevant subject, comparable to various imaginary spaces: expressive, gestural works with brilliant colours are created on topics from the Mediterranean. Meditative, calm motifs with reduced colouring are inspired by Japanese calligraphy and the experience of Zen meditation. Narrative, often figurative works are created as the transposition of motifs from literature into the pictorial language. The observer is invited to enter these imaginary spaces.